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The Creeping Terrors

The Creeping Terrors born in 2014 London and went through different line ups with the constant presence of the founder Consuelo de La Muerte.
Horror and feminism are the themes in The Creeping Terrors. Dark humour is also very important for the band lyrics and sound, it is a strange mix of horror, humour with a feminist RIOT GRRRLS. It is very rare to have a band that incorporate horror on a female and feminist point of view. We like to have an aggressive unapologetic sound, fast, short songs and very much full of punk influences. Consuelo’s previous projects includes an Italian Riot Grrrls punk band called Pussy Face in the 90s indeed very political, performing in squats and gender equality events and produced several 7’.
The visuals are also very important for us, we make our own cut ups video mix and are fully involved in directing and editing our videos.

The album line up was a duo Consuelo bass and vocals and the Finnish Johanna on guitar and vocals, with a drum machine, minimal and violent in glorious vinyl and titled ‘Evil Witch Bitch’ Summer 2017, 13 tracks to die for. The line up for the EP Channel Zero was including Nathan Nothing keyboard, Pete Vincent guitar from Miguel and the Living Dead, Zippo guitar from the HC/Punk Italian scene and myself . The sound is getting darker and more sophisticated technically but the shouting and screaming will never end.

The current line up is a trio including Consuelo de La Muerte vocals, Christian from the rock band Halo and Steve also playing in the goth band Nine Days Decline.

The new album MEDUSA COMPLEX out in early 2020 just at the beginning of the Pandemic has a darker sound and the lyrics are inspired by witchcraft, dark folklore creatures and strong feminine deities and entities. We are mainly singing in English but some Spanish, Italian and German songs are also added inspired from bands as Naughty Zombies, Los Carniceros del Norte but also Californian death rockers like 45 Grave/Penis Flytrap, Catholic Spit and Otzy.

It is a strange mix but it is how we feel, goth, horror, humor, feminism, punk all together, join the mosh pit, don’t be afraid to mess up the make up, DEATH ROCK/HORROR PUNK IN THE HEAD, NOT IN THE CORSET!






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